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117 Fenwick Way, Consett Durham

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Actiderm inch loss wraps, the perfect way to sculpt the body and lose permanent inches in an hour. Make sure you fit into you dress, your tummy flat and upper arms firm. Non surgical Lipo inch loss and facelifts in your own home or in kit form for you to use yourself. Dietary supplements to support your weight loss programme and remove the inches. Treatments for metabolism, cravings, fatigue, fat digestion and bloating. Contact Kim on for a demonstration on 07790498522.

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more. Actiderm can be there for you right from the moment you decide you want to look the best you ever have on your wedding day.  From dietary supplements to fat removal, cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks we have a treatment that can help. Permanent non surgical inch loss on any body area and facelifts in your own home. You will always fit into your dress. Actiderm winner of the MyFaceMyBody Awards for best product 2012. Try it for free at home now.

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